Noise is annoying. Security doesn't have to be.

There's nothing agile about wasting valuable hours and talent chasing down false positives.
With the Oligo Platform, you get instant exploitability proof to prioritize the findings that put you at real risk – so your security team can reduce backlogs and fix the vulnerabilities that matter.

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Increase the value of your SCA

Quickly discern true positives from false

Software composition analysis (SCA) tools like Snyk can't eliminate false positives, because they lack access to critical information about the real reach of weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the running application.

Oligo saved joint customers with Snyk an average of $100K per environment by keeping teams focused on only exploitable vulnerabilities.

Oligo Benefits for Snyk Customers

As a visibility and prioritization solution, Oligo allows your security team to locate real risks with surgical precision. Result: a dramatic reduction in ticket volume based on alerts from both Snyk's SCA and SAST.

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With Oligo
Without Oligo
Identify CVE exploitability: Is the vulnerable library loaded? Is the vulnerable function called?
Full Dynamic SBOM and VEX: Automatically detect which libraries and functions are loaded, running, and executed
Unprecedented visibility: see contextual runtime behaviour at the function level
Prove CVE exploitability to stakeholders
Prioritize fixes based on exploitability
Detect anomalies in all application code: open source, proprietary third-party, first-party
Only for reported CVEs. Only covers first-party code if Snyk SAST added at extra cost.
Uncover undisclosed or pre-disclosure security flaws and breaches in progress
Enforce licensing and security policies
Detect malicious packages

Cancel the noise and turn up the volume on what really matters with Oligo

Deep Application Context

Which open source components are actually in use? How do your libraries behave, and are they behaving normally? Oligo sees deep, to quickly and easily identify what truly requires action.

Exploit-Focused Risk Prioritization

Don’t waste time and resources prioritizing risks based on theoretical vulnerability scores. Oligo proves exploitability to prioritize based on real risks.

Library and Function Level Insights

A vulnerable library or function may be present in your code base … but is it ever actually invoked at runtime? Don't remediate problems that aren't problems. Oligo actively identifies vulnerable and actively executed libraries and functions.

Beyond SCA And Compliance

While the Oligo Platform can boost the power of Snyk, it also goes far beyond –  covering your entire application, validate exploitation, and meet regulatory standards including VEX, and SBOM compliance

Loved by developers and security teams

"Dependabot and Snyk results can look like a disaster – tons of vulnerabilities, all are critical, the world is ending. Oligo does the same exercise, but you can filter for executed libraries and executed vulnerable functions. We were able to reduce our vulnerability numbers over 99% by limiting our focus to those with an executed vulnerable function with Oligo."
Robert Kugler
Robert Kugler
Head of Security & Compliance
Robert Kugler
Robert Kugler
Head of Security & Compliance

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