See Oligo in action

Robert Kugler
Head of Security & Compliance
“We were able to reduce our vulnerability numbers over 99% by limiting our focus to those with an executed vulnerable function with Oligo.”
James Berthoty
Security Engineer
“Oligo provides runtime protection against the exploitation of open source or third party vulnerabilities - not just "is this package running" but "what is this package doing?" Their engine drastically reduces the risk of supply chain exploitation, in a way that might make SCA in general obsolete.”
Alex Nayshtut
Sr. Director, Head of Product Security
“Oligo is set to increase the productivity of AppSec teams and reduce the risk of using open source by contextually prioritizing vulnerabilities according to actual vs perceived risk.”
Javan Rasokat
Senior Security Specialist
“Utilizing Oligo’s insights has transformed our approach to security, allowing us to accurately pinpoint real vulnerabilities and risks from SCA findings. Our developers love it because it effectively increases their security scores by filtering out unreal risks, while prioritizing the vulnerabilities that are truly exploitable״
Yaron Blachman
“Oligo’s approach aligns perfectly with our security needs, providing us with accurate, actionable insights that drive our security operations.”
Or Hiltch
VP Engineering Fortune 500 company
“Oligo is the right solution for R&D teams because it surfaces only the relevant vulnerabilities with the right context, and it is available also during CI/CD.”
Amir W.
DevOps Team Lead Nasdaq-Listed Company
“I don’t like using many security products, so I looked for a comprehensive product that will encompass all the capabilities I need. Runtime security embodies the principle of 'maximum value - minimum effort,' offering broad security coverage and delivering the most accurate findings.”
Naor Penso
Vice President, Head of Product Security
"The approach Oligo presents addresses 2 of the top cybersecurity challenges of modern enterprises, contextualizing cyber threats and increasing efficiency."