Enhance Your Controls

Keep compliant with FedRAMP, PCI 4.0, and license policies using Oligo.

See Deeper to Stay Compliant

Oligo enables unprecedented observability and runtime controls—ensuring that you can comply with regulatory requirements and prove your compliance to auditors and stakeholders.

PCI 4.0 Standards

Apply Secure Configurations

Oligo enables compliance with multiple segments of PCI 4.0 Requirement 2, including implementing configuration standards and configuring security parameters to prevent misuse.

Maintain Secure Software

Stay compliant with Requirement 6 to identify and manage software risks, create SBOMs and software inventories, protect applications from vulnerabilities, and prevent web-based attacks.

Test Security of Systems

Comply with Requirement 6 standards including running internal vulnerability scans, performing targeted risk analysis, and scan continuously to detect any changes to software that impact risk.

Adjust FedRAMP Risks

Oligo makes it easy to demonstrate mitigating factors to FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs) or FedRAMP Agency Authorizing Officials (AOs) in order to adjust risk levels and SLAs.

Using the Oligo Platform, you can prove to AOs that a vulnerability is located in a non-loaded or non-executed library. This enables its risk level to be adjusted downward or can trigger a designation as a false positive that does not require remediation.

Get Full Visibility Over Licenses

Oligo’s unique capabilities to see into every application you build, buy, or use—including all direct and transitive dependencies—ensures that you can detect all licenses used in your products.

Full granular control allows you to set different allowable license types for different applications and application types, alerting you whenever an application or one of its components violates policies.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.