No Compromises
Supply Chain Security

The only acceptable number of malicious packages in your applications: zero.

Block Malicious Package Attacks

Most vulnerabilities will never be exploited—but malicious packages start doing damage as soon as they find their way to your applications.

Oligo works differently from other supply chain security products, detecting behavioral anomalies at runtime and identifying malicious behavior in your code.

Protect Your Software
Supply Chain

See Every Application

See when libraries trigger unexpected or undesirable application behavior in every application you use, build, or buy.

Stop Attacks In Progress

If attackers activate malicious code that was previously dormant, the Oligo sensor will detect indicators of compromise and limit library-level permissions to prevent a breach.

Find Impacted Repos

After detection, Oligo can trace malicious code back to its original source repository so security patching can start fast.

Detect the “Undetectable”

Malicious code can be subtle and hard to identify—but with behavioral detection from Oligo, application malware has nowhere to hide.

Oligo can identify malicious code insertion regardless of their source, even when other tools fail.

Fast, Complete Protection

Blocking malicious packages doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Oligo takes minutes to deploy and makes no changes to your code.

Get total supply chain protection for all your applications—today.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.