Instant Awareness
Detection & Incident Response

Detect application attacks as they happen and block breaches before they start.

Hindsight is so 2020.

Even a few years ago, the only way to detect application breaches was after the fact, when losses had already occurred.

Oligo changed what’s possible: the patented eBPF technology at the core of our sensor identifies instantly when attackers start to use your applications in unintended ways.

Detect Breaches Faster Than Ever

and Beyond

Detect risks originating in CVEs, malicious packages, misconfigurations, zero-days, undisclosed risks, and disputed vulnerabilities.

Deep Perception

Unlike CNAPP solutions, Oligo’s patented technology sees down to the library level to identify behavioral indicators of compromise.

Rapid Protection

Limit library-level permissions to stop breaches in progress without disrupting application performance.

Behavioral Detection

Oligo works using a lightweight sensor that sees library-level behavior and compares it to a profile built using information about that library’s use in applications worldwide.

Anomalous behavior — a library trying to access functions it typically shouldn’t — can trigger automated alerts and protective responses.

Stop Attacks in Progress

Only Oligo can cut off attackers’ access by blocking their path through your application libraries.

With Oligo, attacks can be stopped in moments, preventing data loss and lateral movement.

See How Oligo Blocked the XZ Backdoor—Even Before It Was Public.

Get Protected Today

Oligo takes minutes to deploy and makes no changes to your code. Unprecedented application attack detection is in your grasp — today.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.