Stop Attacks Instantly

Application-layer attacks are on the rise - and more expensive than ever. Oligo ADR identifies exploitation in all your applications, using library-level behavioral profiles to identify anomalous behavior and unmask application-layer attacks in real-time.

Runtime Security Solutions
See Applications as an Opaque Box

Existing runtime solutions (CNAPP, CWPP, EDR) see applications from the outside - without visibility into how application components interact and behave. The result: application-layer attacks are detected reactively, after exploitation has taken place.
Because these solutions see infrastructure, not code, they can’t detect when application components “misbehave” in a way that indicates the start of an attack - like if a calculator starts to access a smartphone camera.

Oligo ADR Sees Deeper

Detect anomalies instantly

Using eBPF sensors enhanced with Oligo’s patented technology, Oligo ADR identifies unusual activity at the library level, revealing exploitation attempts as soon as they begin.

See the

Identify attacks in progress from any source - whether they come from a known CVE, a not-yet-disclosed zero-day, or a vulnerable usage with no assigned CVE.

Observe all
types of code

First- and third-party applications, open source libraries, proprietary code, operating systems: no matter where the code comes from, Oligo ADR can monitor its behavior for indicators of risk.

Stop attacks before they impact your business.

After initiating an exploit, attackers can move laterally through your applications and beyond, potentially hijacking your servers and wreaking havoc across your organization. Using Oligo ADR, you can respond proactively to application-layer attacks in real-time to limit their impact, instead of reacting after the damage is done - potentially saving millions of dollars each time you stop an attempted breach in progress.

Identify active
zero-day exploits in your applications.

When the next big zero-day is disclosed, some tools can tell you whether the vulnerable library is in your code - but only Oligo ADR can see whether the behavior triggered by the zero-day is already taking place in your code, indicating that your application is impacted directly by the newly disclosed vulnerability.

Catch attackers
in the act.

Threat actors choose application layer attacks because they know they are undetectable - as long as attackers cover their tracks, by the time the breach is discovered, they’re long gone. Using Oligo ADR to identify ongoing exploits, you can capture valuable data about attacks faster, enhancing the ability of your organization to track down threat actors and stop their operations.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.