Know What’s Real
Vulnerability Scanning

Oligo determines real exploitability at runtime - and yes, we can show our work to prove it.

Beyond Hypothetical. Beyond Theoretical.

Other products on the market use hypothetical looks into your partial code bases, building estimated models to determine “reachability.” They “prioritize” theoretical findings based on complex score metrics.

Oligo works without the hypotheticals and theoreticals. Every determination is made at the kernel level, based on what really happens at runtime.

Simplify Your Priorities

See How
Attackers See

Attackers see your applications when they’re running—not as source code repositories. Oligo gives you true determination of exploitability by scanning in real time during production.

Enforce Your Policies

Generate alerts and customize your policies based on your organization’s security strategies, so your engineering and security teams stay focused on what matters.

Enrich Scan Findings

In addition to scanning at runtime, Oligo can enrich vulnerability findings from static scanning tools like SCA and SAST- and help you ignore the 90-99% that are non-exploitable.

Alerts Worth Acting On

Oligo only generates alerts after determining attackers could exploit a vulnerability in your application. With fewer, smarter alerts, there’s no need to ignore issues or delay fixes.

Say Goodbye to Vulnerability Backlogs

Oligo is the best product you can buy to clear out your backlogs by identifying real sources of risk that matter.

Oligo helps customers cut up to 99 percent of their vulnerability findings as non-exploitable, saving thousands of hours of work per year.

Scan Smarter In Minutes

Unlike other tools, Oligo requires minimal time to deploy and set up-and no modification to your code, so you can monitor any application you run, build, or buy.

Customers can typically generate and use Oligo’s findings within minutes of getting started.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.