Fix What Matters

Most security findings – regardless of their severity score or the existence of exploits in the wild – can never be exploited, because they rely on libraries or functions that are never executed in your application. Oligo Focus zeroes in on exploitability, with full proof to make priorities clear.

Shift-Left Solutions All Have the Same Problem

SCA technologies were designed for a different era of computing. 
With more CVEs than ever, engineering teams have begun pushing back against “vulnerability” findings that don’t reflect real-world risk.

Noise reduction options from static scanners (including SCA and CSPM) claim to clean up false positives, but still can’t see how your application behaves when it’s running. Their vision is limited to the left side - so they can never detect or prove true exploitability.

Oligo Focus Sees Deeper

Know what’s exploitable

Get granular like never before, with exploitability detection that identifies when vulnerable libraries and functions are loaded and executed by your application in runtime.

Build better security policies

Create policies that trigger when Oligo Focus detects the risks you care about most, with automatic ticket creation in Slack or Jira.

Automate SBOM & VEX reporting

Keep customers and compliance in the loop with exploitability information that puts application risk in context, using Oligo’s automated SBOM and VEX reporting capabilities.

Spend time on features, not fixes.

When fixes take over your engineering sprints, you lose the feature velocity you need to maintain your competitive edge. With Oligo Focus pinpointing the vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited in your code, developers know exactly which libraries need immediate patching - and what can safely wait until crunch time is over.

Reduce security friction with provable insight.

Can engineering and security teams ever really see eye to eye? They can with Oligo Focus. Developers push back when security findings seem untrustworthy or excessive - creating a bottleneck that can negatively impact your security posture, your applications, and your organization’s morale. With Oligo Focus, developers can see full call stacks and a root cause analysis to understand exactly how a vulnerability can be exploited.

Minutes to Deploy. Instant Clarity.

Unlike many security solutions, Oligo installs with a few clicks and generates actionable information on the first day you install. With Oligo Focus, you’ll see value fast – while rapidly reducing real risks to your applications.

Zero in on what's exploitable

Oligo helps organizations focus on true exploitability, streamlining security processes without hindering developer productivity.