Threat Briefing:
2024 Top Open Source Attacks

Join us for great food with a small group of CISO's and AppSec Leaders

May 6-9, 2024

Image that says: RSA Conference 2024

Join us at RSA 2024 for an exclusive threat briefing session centered on the year's most pivotal open source attacks, including the XZ Backdoor. Designed for CISOs and security professionals, the session aims to deliver detailed analysis and strategic insights for navigating the latest cybersecurity threats.

During this briefing, our experts will take you through our research and expertise on this threat group, including:

Gain insights into the XZ Backdoor attack, understanding its repercussions on supply chains. Learn how Oligo's proactive detection and response capabilities are crucial in identifying and mitigating such vulnerabilities early.

Explore the dynamics of the ShadowRay campaign, the first to target AI workloads actively. We’ll go over the potential impacts of ShadowRay, as well as essential mitigation steps.

Discover the strategic benefits of implementing runtime analysis for proactive threat detection, allowing for immediate insights into the security posture against newly discovered vulnerabilities.

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